Access The Paiute Trail Directly From Our Marysvale, UT RV Park!

Paiute ATV Trail Network— The Paiute Trail system may be the largest and most diverse off-road trail system in the world.

The main Paiute trail is an endless loop through four Utah counties with thousands of side trails and inner loops. It winds mostly through BLM and National Forest lands and thus belongs to all of us. It boasts the highest Jeep trail in Utah at 11000+ feet.

It also winds through canyons and deserts with a wide diversity of plants and animals. It is directly accessible from South Forty RV Park without the need to cross the highway or trailer your ATV/SXS.


SXS and ATV Riders will find an enormous variety of riding opportunities along the Paiute Trail. The number 01 trail is a 275-mile loop that crosses mountain ranges from 6,000 to 12,000 feet, rugged canyons and deserts, old logging roads, and 1,925 miles of side trails for a total of 2,200 miles.

Contrary to many rumors, the Paiute Trail is Side X Side Friendly and will accommodate SXS over 50″ wide and you still have 2,000 miles of trails to ride with the wider SXS!

The massive nature of the trail system allows for hundreds if not thousands of miles, that are open to vehicles wider than 50″.  One should not worry about the ample places to ride their SXS or ATVs and experience some of the greatest scenery on earth!

There are a few restricted 50″ and underside trails that have always been here, however, if you have a wider SXS, the trail does go around those trails and you end up in the same place and still have 2,000 miles of trails to ride.

The Paiute Trail system forms a spider web covering most of Piute County.  The unique trail system has been rated by some publications as the best family-oriented trail system in the Country and declared the largest recreational facility on Earth.

Unique also is the cooperative involvement of the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, State Parks and Recreations, Cities, Counties, and the State of Utah and the Public in the oversight and administration of the trail system.

With the diverse terrain and climate, riders can experience the thrill of descending from above the tree line to the dense forest, stopping constantly, to take photos of scenic vistas and diverse wildlife.  It’s not unusual to see herds of deer, or huge elk, or to see a not so cuddly porcupine waddle across the road, or encounter an ill-tempered badger or come upon the beaver ponds and an occasional Bear.  (Give the wildlife ample room and don’t tease them)

Fishing is plentiful and accessible from the Paiute Trail.  There are numerous reservoirs, streams, and tributaries in Piute County that contain fish.  Piute Reservoir and Otter Creek Reservoir are the two largest and provide some of Utah’s best fishing.  Manning Reservoir and Upper and Lower Box Creek also prove to be excellent producers.  Barney Lake is more secluded and reportedly great for fly fishing. 

Hundreds of small unimproved camp spots dot the trail system and camping is permitted, but check locally for burn regulations if you need a campfire.  Small propane cookstoves and lanterns are recommended, you’re a long way from help should a fire get out of hand.

Riders can enter the Paiute Trail at any point, as there is no beginning or end.  The towns on the trail system permit SXS and ATVs on designated streets so riders can go directly from the RV Parks or lodging to the trail.

Also, those who have spent a weary day on the trail can drive directly to restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, and most importantly a clean restroom and hot shower.

The Riding Season begins every April when temperatures begin to rise.  That is when people begin to seriously think about the fun of getting out on the trail.

While spring riding is possible on the lower portions of the trail, snowdrifts usually close the trail over the higher trails until the end of May or early June.  September and October with the beautiful Fall Colors provide some of the best riding weather on the Paiute Trail.

Located in South-Central Utah, the Paiute Trail sits in the middle of Marysvale and surrounds the towns of Salina, Richfield, Aurora, Elsinore, Monroe, Joseph, Koosharem, Junction, Circleville, and Beaver on the other side of the mountain.

SXS’s & ATV’s are allowed on designated city streets allowing easy access to the trail.

The South Forty RV Park is the place to stay and there are Hotels, Restaurants, and services available.

These communities are a perfect place to stay while you enjoy the many miles of trails.  Within minutes of downtown Marysvale, you will be enjoying the most beautiful scenery the trail has to offer.

With the main trail #01 being over 275 miles long, with thousands of miles of marked side trails and other side forest roads and trails, the best way to see it is in segments!